ICO Blueprints™ Proven Process

ICO Playbook™

ICO framework to help craft, develop, and launch your ICO from concept to operational, funded organization with services and product in the market.

ICO Ambassadors™

Market influencers and advocates promote your ICO, company, and market solutions to drive higher levels of  sales, awareness, and engagement.

ICO Advisors™

Experienced technical, operational, legal, tax, financial, marketing, and commercial professionals assisting your team through the ICO.

ICO Funnel™

Demand generation and marketing frameworks drive key strategic advisors and ambassadors promoting your global ICO participation.

ICO Advisors

BLOCK512 Founder & CEO


Jeremy Drzal

Sergei Kolobov BLOCK 512 ICO Advisor

BLOCK512 Advisor & Strategist


Sergei Kolobov

ICO Advisors is a full service team brought to you by the BLOCK512 team

BLOCK 512 blockchain strategy


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We are a global advisory network of technical and marketing professionals ready to support your Blockchain strategy and ICO program.

Our mission

Create successful ICO programs and operational organizations with long-term value for founders, investors and customers.

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