ICO Blueprints™ Proven Process

ICO Playbook™

ICO framework to help craft, develop, and launch your ICO from concept to operational, funded organization with services and product in the market.

ICO Ambassadors™

Market influencers and advocates promote your ICO, company, and market solutions to drive higher levels of  sales, awareness, and engagement.

ICO Advisors™

Experienced technical, operational, legal, tax, financial, marketing, and commercial professionals assisting your team through the ICO.

ICO Funnel™

Demand generation and marketing frameworks drive key strategic advisors and ambassadors promoting your global ICO participation.

ICO Advisors

BLOCK512 Advisor & Strategist


Oliver Laurence

BLOCK512 Founder & CEO


Jeremy Drzal

Sergei Kolobov BLOCK 512 ICO Advisor

BLOCK512 Advisor & Strategist


Sergei Kolobov

ICO Advisors is a full service team brought to you by the BLOCK512 team

BLOCK 512 blockchain strategy

Active ITO

The London Football Exchange (LFE)

The London Football Exchange is the worlds first tokenized football stock exchange and market place.

The LFE is a global movement to create the ultimate sports community where fans partake in exclusive club and fan experiences through the use of LFE tokens. Read more at LFE.com


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We are a global advisory network of technical and marketing professionals ready to support your Blockchain strategy and ICO program.

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Create successful ICO programs and operational organizations with long-term value for founders, investors and customers.

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